CodeBlue is the only nationwide IT services company with services designed to suit the needs of mid-sized businesses and organisations.

In this video, CodeBlue CIO Chris Thorpe talks about CodeBlue's CIO Services and adding value to clients.

Proactive IT Support Services

CodeBlue offers world-class, nationwide, proactive IT support services, optimised for mid-sized companies and organisations.

Our IT services are agreed and managed according to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our SLAs are designed to be easy to understand and manage, and easy to change according to the decisions driven by your Technology Roadmap.

Tailored Service Level Agreements

You can choose the level of IT services and support that exactly meet your requirements and have a fixed price agreement to ensure there are no surprises or budget overruns. As the mid-range IT services specialist and market leader CodeBlue can offer a complete end-to-end IT service, including full outsourcing 24x7, or more focussed services depending on individual customer need.

At any time you can also engage CodeBlue on a project basis where the work or services fall outside of the existing SLA. The projects may, for example, include project engagement of CodeBlue’s CIO Services, short term project management or other services to augment in-house IT capabilities, or specific projects to implement new layered security or data resiliency capabilities.

CodeBlue Service Desk

Key to our industry-leading customer satisfaction levels is the CodeBlue Service Desk. More than 85 percent of the service calls made to the Service Desk are resolved with the first phone call. This first call resolution capability is enabled by a truly world class remote monitoring, management and resolution system. 

Unique to CodeBlue is the Service Desk ‘brain’ called Stella. Built on an intuitive CodeBlue-developed platform, Stella maintains a knowledge base instantly accessible to service desk staff and engineers in the field.

Stella starts working for clients right from the start of any new client engagement. Customer information – and the proposed managed services solution developed during the sales process – carries forward into site documentation and knowledge management, which continues to evolve post implementation.

Stella’s reporting and analysis features are fundamental to regular strategic reviews. It helps CodeBlue understand and ‘map’ new customer systems. It is an essential tool in tuning managed service agreements for best strategic value, and it provides essential data for strategic planning and the building and review of customer technology roadmaps.

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IT Strategic Planning Services

CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Services: a game-changer for mid-size companies.

For small to medium-sized businesses unable to justify a full-time CIO appointment, CodeBlue’s IT Strategic Planning Services can be a game-changer – giving you access to the CIO-level technical expertise, business experience and strategic IT consulting advice that will enable you to closely align your IT and long-term strategic business goals and transform your IT from a cost centre to a business enabler.

The CodeBlue Virtual CIO oversees the strategic planning process, delivering a clearly defined IT Strategic Plan that identifies the role of IT in supporting business goals, the IT investment required to enable this, and proposes an appropriate technology solution designed to deliver the most cost-effective IT infrastructure possible.  Clients are empowered to make the informed strategic decisions needed to drive continuous improvement in developing and aligning their technology investment with their business.

For larger organisations, CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Services offer a way to gain strategic value on a project basis, or as part of a CodeBlue managed services contract.

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CodeBlue Backup and Disaster Recovery

Expect the best - but plan for the worst.

Securing your data – against a natural disaster, equipment failure and even deliberate or inadvertent user damage – begins with a plan…

Data backup. Disaster recovery. Business continuity. CodeBlue’s Data Resiliency Services (DRS) solution delivers the peace of mind that your business will continue functioning. No matter what happens.

Planned. Customised. Responsive.

CodeBlue’s comprehensive Data Resiliency Services (DRS) solution not only secures you from disaster, it offers a data resiliency approach that enables your staff to quickly retrieve any files lost or damaged due to human error and provides for historical audit requirements.

Every client gets a DRS solution that is precisely tuned to their specific business needs.

CodeBlue's DRS managed services

From a single onsite solution, to the most advanced hybrid cloud implementation, CodeBlue’s Data Resiliency Services are customised to strike the ideal balance between cost and resiliency. CodeBlue’s DRS managed services contracts are specifically tailored for each customer, drawing on three service templates: CodeBlue DRS Basic, CodeBlue DRS Advanced, and CodeBlue DRS Premium.

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CodeBlue Cloud Services

A market-leading cloud computing service - optimised for mid-sized businesses.

CodeBlue’s state-of-the-art cloud services solution delivers enterprise-level, private, secure and affordable cloud computing – optimised for mid-sized New Zealand businesses.

CodeBlue Cloud Services  enable a rapid transition of clients’ IT infrastructure to the cloud, delivering all the cost benefits of virtual servers in the cloud, with unlimited scalability, and fully-secure data resilience and disaster recovery.   

CodeBlue delivers a completely future-proof IT infrastructure supported by a highly-customised supporting package of services – ranging from full user support to high-end strategic planning advice and management, all wrapped up in a single CodeBlue Cloud Services SLA (service level agreement).   

A typical cloud transition sees customers starting out with online backup and data resilience services moving to the cloud, then mail with Microsoft 365, and then a full or blended Virtual Private Server cloud infrastructure. Customers can choose to use CodeBlue’s shared data centre platform, or have their own dedicated data centre rack space. Customers can also choose between local or international cloud hosting providers, including Amazon. 

CodeBlue can purchase existing in-house IT infrastructure as part of a fully outsourced and managed solution; or accommodate a blended cloud approach for clients that only what to move part of their infrastructure or some of their applications to the cloud.  

CodeBlue’s cloud computing service is powerful, flexible, secure and highly affordable. It includes a cloud-based server solution at a server price point similar to an in-house solution but with major additional benefits such as lower service and support costs, automated backup and disaster recovery, and the ability to dial server capacity up or down according to demand.

CodeBlue’s cloud services seamlessly blend a private cloud infrastructure with public cloud access and full integration of any in-house IT infrastructure.

More information

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CodeBlue Layered Security Services

A cutting-edge solution offering protection from the full spectrum of threats.

​​​​CodeBlue’s Layered Security Services integrate an array of best-of-breed products into a single easy-to-manage service solution, which ensures our customers’ data, applications, devices and servers are protected from the full spectrum of threats – whether in the cloud, on-premise, or on the road.

This includes external threats as well as securing confidential data from inadvertent or deliberate leakage.  All data flowing into and out of the organisation, via internet or email, is scanned and threat audits are run at regular intervals.

CodeBlue will provide a fully-outsourced security service as required, or a blended solution integrating existing internal security products. And CodeBlue’s Data Resiliency Services integrate smoothly to ensure security extends to full backup and recovery to protect against any eventuality.

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Product purchasing with CodeBlue.

CodeBlue’s procurement service streamlines the product purchasing process, helps you save money, and takes the hassle out of procurement.

CodeBlue has volume supply agreements with all major hardware and software vendors, alongside robust procurement and implementation processes.

Our product margins are transparent to the customer and we are product agnostic. We will make proactive product recommendations; however our key driver is not product margins, but rather the best value for your business.

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CodeBlue Client Service Portal

Keep track of your company's service jobs with CodeBlue's online client support tool.

CodeBlue’s Client Service Portal is an online support tool that enables CodeBlue clients to view full information on all service jobs for their company – including the status and details of service jobs in progress, and those that have been completed.

The portal can also be quickly customised to facilitate self help – leveraging CodeBlue’s industry-leading Stella Knowledge Base, and a variety of information feeds from CodeBlue’s ConnectWise and Kaseya remote service and management infrastructure.

More Information

General enquiries: If you would like more information about the CodeBlue Client Service Portal, please contact us.

Client enquiries: Clients that have queries about service jobs can call their Trusted Advisor directly, or the Service Desk on 0508 IT SERVICE (0508 48 73 78).


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