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“Having a virtual CIO to work with us to develop an IT strategy aligned to our business, and coordinating at a high level the whole infrastructure refresh process, is really proving to be a game changer for our business.” 

Julie Perry, Buckleys Limited

Buckley Systems Limited (BSL), is the world’s leading supplier of precision electromagnets used in the manufacture of silicon chips, flat-panel screens, high-end medical machinery and particle accelerators.

Remarkably, Buckley Systems supplies machinery used in the manufacture of more than 90 percent of the world’s silicon chips from three Auckland manufacturing plants at Mount Wellington.

BSL’s precision electromagnets, charged particle beam line systems and high-vacuum equipment are not only used in the semiconductor ion implant industry, but also medical proton and photon therapy – systems that will revolutionise cancer treatments of the future.

Founder Bill Buckley is one of New Zealand’s best known and most awarded high-tech entrepreneurs. His business has a global reputation, but BSL’s IT infrastructure was not world class.

BSL’s chief financial officer, Julie Perry, went out to the market in late 2014 looking for cost savings from an outsourced service, replacing an in house team of three dedicated IT support staff.

‘We didn’t appreciate at first the real value CodeBlue could bring to the table by deploying a virtual CIO to take a strategic view of the whole IT infrastructure and find ways to improve the business rather than just fix what’s broken or needs replacement,” 

“Our business is intensely cyclical,” she explains. “There are less than ten companies worldwide that do what we do and demand is highly affected by global technology cycles. We need to scale up and scale back our operations quickly in response to global demand – and an outsourced IT services partner helps us do that. We recognised that our infrastructure was outdated. We were embarking on a top-to-bottom replacement of our support systems and wanted to ensure that our longer-term cost of ownership and IT support costs were as economical as possible to reduce our fixed overheads.”

CodeBlue was selected from four IT services companies bidding for the business.

“Our COO had worked with CodeBlue in the past. We’re not a big company in terms of IT – we have just 175 seats. We liked CodeBlue’s focus and track record with customers of a similar size to us,” Perry recalls.

Initially, she says, the cost savings from outsourcing were the key driver, but during the engagement process CodeBlue’s CIO Services came to the forefront and changed the game as BSL seized the opportunity to do more than just outsource support services.

‘We didn’t appreciate at first the real value CodeBlue could bring to the table by deploying a virtual CIO to take a strategic view of the whole IT infrastructure and find ways to improve the business rather than just fix what’s broken or needs replacement,” Perry says.

“Sure, our in-house team would deal with the day to day, keeping things running. But there wasn’t anyone taking a strategic view of IT. Where our guys kept the existing systems ticking over, CodeBlue introduced a strategic skill set, giving us options with advantages and disadvantages. They don’t try and sell us any particular technology but are there to help us determine what’s best first of all for our business. They will bring in a whole range of other suppliers, which they manage, in order to get the solution that’s right for us.

“They are across absolutely all of our systems: phones, printers, networking, building security, CCTV, cabling, computer room construction, fibre, Wi-Fi, servers, desktop systems, IT governance and policies. In fact, all of our IT infrastructure.

“A good example is video conferencing. All of our customers are offshore and they’re big companies, all operating in different time zones. We needed a much more professional conferencing setup to facilitate close collaboration with our customers.  CodeBlue worked alongside us every step of the way to decide on and implement the latest Microsoft Skype for Business with Office 365.

“Engaging with CodeBlue – initially to replace our internal support team – has ended up with CodeBlue not just providing remote service desk support, but being pivotal for developing an overarching strategy to align IT with our business requirements. And then managing a top to bottom infrastructure refresh, with an ongoing managed services support contract – of which the virtual CIO component continues to be a central and valued element,” Julie Perry concludes.

Key best-of-breed technology partners in the Buckley Systems solution

  • Servers and Storage Hardware: HP
  • Server Software: VMware, Microsoft Windows Server 
  • Networking (switches): HP 
  • Backup Software: Veeam
  • End-User Devices (including PCs, laptops, tablets): HP
  • End-User Software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office365.



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