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Why Your Organisation Needs a Cybersecurity Policy

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In 2018, there should be little room for argument over the fact that every business should have a cybersecurity policy that is codified and agreed upon, and, with over 50 per cent of small businesses reporting attempted cyberattacks in 2017, it’s certainly clear that a cybersecurity policy is needed regardless of the size of your business. Making clear your requirements for security software, data backups, detecting scams and email security, among many other things, should all be part of this cybersecurity policy – in this blog post we’ll go through some of the reasons why having such a policy is so crucial.

Maintain your business’ security

The most obvious reason why you need a cybersecurity policy is to stay safe! A business that doesn’t have internal security standards that are enforced rigidly is more likely to fall victim to cyberattacks, which are more prevalent than ever in 2018. A cybersecurity policy needs to be implemented from the top down to make sure that it’s followed at all levels of a business – organisational experts say that a cybersecurity policy needs to be matched with a ‘cybersecurity culture’ – one that encourages employees to take pride in security standards and ensures that everyone follows them.

Prevent employee fraud

Having a cybersecurity policy will also actively help prevent employee fraud: the top-down approach described above – where leaders demonstrate strict compliance with the new standards – will discourage employees from committing any kind of fraud. Fraud is much more likely to occur when superiors are seen by employees to be lax on standards or even breaking the rules themselves, so a cybersecurity policy that’s closely followed will help to stop wayward employees being tempted in this direction.

Gauge your readiness for emerging cyberattacks

Often in the world of cybersecurity, details will emerge on new cyberattacks and the security requirements needed to repel them, so that businesses can make sure that they will be safe if they were the victim of an attack. Without a codified cybersecurity policy against which you can compare these requirements, you won’t be able to guarantee safety during a cyberattack – simply, your standards won’t be uniform across the board. On the other hand, when you have a cybersecurity policy that has all your business’s current standards outlined, you’ll be able to easily make note of where there need to be improvements or upgrades.

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