CodeBlue Proactive IT Support Services

CodeBlue Proactive IT Support Services

World-class IT support services optimised for mid-sized companies and organisations.


Proactive IT Support

CodeBlue successfully delivers proactive IT support services for mid-sized companies and organisations across New Zealand. Flexibility is the key to our IT support solutions that we provide to business in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill.

IT Expertise to Support Your Business

We have the resources to provide your organisation with a wide range of business IT support. With more than 100 employees and a central service desk, supported by 5 branches across New Zealand, CodeBlue has the capability to deliver highly effective IT services and support tailored to your organisation.

No matter the size of the project or solution, from a specific project to an end-to-end fully outsourced 24 x 7 IT support agreement, we help you get the most from your IT investment. We tailor our services, using a flexible SLA template to meet your business requirements, including an optional fixed price agreement to ensure there are no surprises or budget overruns.

Alongside our support services, we offer project management expertise for any projects that fall outside of a standard SLA agreement such as implementing a new cybersecurity or data backup solution. Our project and support teams work closely with your business to ensure the success of the project with minimal or no disruption to your users.

For all of CodeBlue's services beyond IT support take a look at our Services Overview.

Our Service Desk Puts Your Organisation First

Our service desk is able to remotely monitor your systems and identifies issues before they turn into problems. In many cases, we manage your systems and resolve issues without having to visit your offices - this saves time and callout fees.

The CodeBlue Service Desk resolves 85% of all calls to the service desk, with no need for a site visit by an engineer. We want to make sure you have the fewest problems, shortest wait times and quickest problem resolution possible.

We have developed an in-house knowledge base (we call her 'Stella') of information specific to your IT setup. This provides our Service Desk team with instant access to critical services and technical documentation to assist in the quick resolution of issues. The information contained within Stella also helps us identify the best combination of services to meet your needs.

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CodeBlue Proactive IT Support Services


Proactive IT services and support managed via an SLA tailored to your specific needs.