“We like the discipline and process CodeBlue applies to really understanding the business outcomes we want and acting as part of our senior management team, taking ownership around IT strategy and driving maximum value from our IT investment.” 

Mitchell Cameron, Sales Manager, TradieTech Limited

The essence of CodeBlue’s strategic CIO Services is graphically illustrated by the close working relationship built up with Redpaths – the South Island’s largest supplier of electrical goods to commercial, industrial and domestic electricians.

Not only has CodeBlue’s CIO Services offering helped transform Redpaths’ existing business, it has also recently enabled the launch of a whole new business called Tradietech.

Tradietech is built on a big blue sky idea: What if you could go beyond supplying just goods to trade customers and provide them with a full quoting and invoicing system with live supplier pricing? What if Redpaths could leverage its multi-sided network of suppliers and give trade customers a ‘technology tool belt’? What if tradies could use a tablet or phone while on a customer site to quickly do costings and generate quotes, order and arrange delivery of supplies, produce progress reports, schedule jobs, send invoices, handle payroll and inventory – all integrated with existing standard software from Microsoft, Xero and MYOB?

These were the questions Redpaths’ Director of Operations and Marketing, Brent Cameron, put to his CodeBlue Virtual CIO Mike Tarjomi. In 2014 Mike and his team had completed a top-to-bottom re-engineering of Redpaths IT systems. This had reduced operating costs, massively increased network speed and functionality, and implemented state of the art disaster resilience and data security.

CodeBlue’s CIO Services had ‘delivered the goods’ in terms of giving Redpaths resources and processes they wanted to ensure their IT investment was always attuned to the needs of the business – not just in terms of value, but also enabling new ways of adding value to Redpaths and its trade customers. But could it meet the challenge of developing a whole new business?

“The CodeBlue difference is in the sense of our mission which is to enable businesses to create new value and new opportunities. What Brent Cameron asked us to do was exactly what we’re good at.”

Stepping up to the challenge

Mike Tarjomi and his team stepped up to the challenge: “I thought, great. This is what our Virtual CIO service is all about. There are plenty of IT services companies out there that can implement systems and provide support. The CodeBlue difference is in the sense of our mission which is to enable businesses to create new value and new opportunities. What Brent Cameron asked us to do was exactly what we’re good at.

“So my job as Redpaths’ Virtual CIO was to research how to do this and help make it happen. We built a team which included CodeBlue’s Christchurch software development partner, Global Office, alongside Plato Creative. Within six months we had designed and implemented a working cloud-based solution, with a web fron tend that’s simple to use but with a backend connected to CodeBlue’s cloud-hosted service.

“Along the way, there was a major strategic discussion leading to the decision to launch Tradietech as a completely independent company. Redpaths’ thinking was that an independent company could extend services across all trades including, for example, painters and plumbers – rather than being restricted to Redpaths’ existing customer base and product range. It was decided that all parties would benefit more from an unconstrained business model where Tradietech could be free to have supply relationships with any wholesaler, including Redpaths competitors.

“Tradietech is now launched in the market and receiving a great response from tradies. I’m delighted to report that Tradietech has also signed a full services agreement with CodeBlue – including our CodeBlue CIO Services,” Mike Tarjomi said.

Tradietech works whether you are a one-man band or an established firm. The quoting process is simplified, the paperwork is automated – and everything integrates into your existing finance packages. Tradietech is also cloud-based and therefore fully compatible with your existing desktops, mobiles and tablets.


Key best-of-breed technology partners in the Tradietech challenge

  • Software Design and Development: Global Office 
  • Hosted Servers and Licensing: vBridge
  • Server Datacentre Infrastructure: HP
  • Brand Design and Visual Styling: Plato Creative.