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Overcoming Common Modern Workplace Challenges 

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As businesses around the world adapt to keep up with the digital demands of todaythe Modern Workplace has rapidly increased in popularity. While this concept isn’t new, in recent times it’s become highly sought after as an effective way to boost productivity, collaboration, and flexibility. 

We’ve implemented Modern Workplaces for a range of business over the years and have seen many of our customers facing similar challenges. So, in this article we’ll share our tips on how to tackle these challenges head on. 

Tight Budgets  

From device fleets to applications, networking and security, there are a lot of moving parts in a Modern Workplace. This can sometimes cause businesses to put off upgrading their workplace because they think it’s not possible due to costs. The good news is that no matter how big your budget is, you can implement or upgrade your Modern Workplace setup. For example, at CodeBlue we’ve worked with businesses who start big and with those who start with the bare minimum and upgrade their workplace in smaller increments. Every business is different, so it’s all about finding what works for you right now. 


With staff working from different locations, communication and collaboration is often more difficult. That’s why it’s critical to make sure your device fleet is set up to promote teamwork. We equip our customers up with Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Whiteboard so that their workforce can work together productively, no matter where they are. 

Technology Shortages 

If you’ve come up against technology stock shortages, you’re not alone. The 2020-2021 global chip shortage has had a huge impact on device production, the automotive industry, factory operations, appliance production, and so much more. That means it’s not as easy to get your hands on the right devices for your team. One way we’d recommend overcoming this problem is to plan well in advance, another way is to work closely with your IT provider to problem solve and find other options that will result in the same desired outcomes. 

Getting Devices to Remote Workers Quickly 

If you’re hiring a remote worker or one of your existing remote employees needs a device upgrade, you can get technology to them sooner with a couple of little tricks. Our team works closely with distributors and can arrange for devices to be delivered straight to your remote workers to save time. We can also implement Microsoft Windows AutoPilot in your business to preconfigure your devices for easy deployment. 

Maintaining Technology 

Once your Modern Workplace is set up, it can be extremely time consuming to keep track of device and software updates. The problem is that outdated technology not only affects productivity, it can also leave gaps in your cybersecurity. If you have a small IT team or want to free up your internal staff, managed IT services are a great option. It means you can keep your workplace running as smoothly, securely and cost-effectively as possible without the hassle of being stuck in a constant refresh cycle. 


Modern Workplace solutions for every business 

Want to know more about overcoming Modern Workplace challenges? We’re here to futureproof your business with the right technology and support to help your people achieve more. Get in touch to learn more! 


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