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The Importance of Data Security for Professional Services

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As an organisation that operates across professional industries, chances are you house a significant amount of mission-critical data and information.

With data growing exponentially and the workforce becoming increasingly more mobile, integrating security solutions that protect datasets and hybrid cloud environments is essential.

With so many variables to consider, the dynamic nature of modern data management is leading to downtime and displacement.1 To overcome these challenges, organisations must be prioritising data security.

At CodeBlue, we’ve broken down the key benefits of data security and their importance across professional services.


It may be stating the obvious, but the core reason security should be important for your organisation is data protection. As our businesses expand and the boundary of networks blur, it can be a real challenge to know where our data is, or where it should be.2

The key solution to managing and protecting data can be sought through virtualisation of hyperconverged infrastructure, enabling your organisation to identify through a single pane or dashboard what workloads could be exposing it to risks.


Research released by Aura Information Security shows New Zealand businesses are feeling the wrath of cybercriminals, with more than one third experiencing a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.3

Without prioritising security, you can put client and mission-critical data at risk, leading to vulnerability across your network and potential damage to your organisation’s reputation if a cyber-attack occurs.

Leveraging a hybrid IT strategy and the power of AI technology can help your business monitor and predict potential threats, ensuring greater availability across data and less downtime across your IT environment.

Business Success

As the saying goes, ‘time is money’, if your data suddenly becomes unavailable because of a cyber-attack, your organisation risks downtime and loss of revenue. From employees accessing unauthorised applications to a phishing attack, your network at risk can inhibit on-going success.
You can curb these potential threats, with the autonomy to choose where your data is stored across a hybrid IT environment. Furthermore, integrating a data-centric security strategy provides end-to-end visibility and can help keep it protected with less risk of downtime.

In partnership with HPE, CodeBlue help organisations move forward with comprehensive security solutions. If you want to discuss how to strengthen your security posture, don’t hesitate to contact CodeBlue today.

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