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11 considerations before customising your security solution

Traditional managed service providers (MSP) cannot meet the security needs of multiple modern businesses, across numerous industries. There are simply too many variables to account for. Hence a customised security solution is often needed.

Assets needing cybersecurity measures must first be identified by businesses implementing digital transformation. Such assets include people, networks, servers, applications, data and the systems that interconnect them. Organisations must strike a balance between their budget and their operational needs.

Managed service providers then develop cybersecurity plans depending on clients’ business needs. When creating a unique security solution, consider these 11 parameters.

Thomas Michael – Senior Cyber Security Analyst

  Business objective   Security parameters to consider
Adopt a cloud-first strategy. 1.    Public cloud (Azure) based services require hardening standards across workloads.

2.    Microsoft 365 services (including email) require protection from advanced threats.

3.    Data loss prevention in SaaS platforms must be enforced.

4.    Internet access for users require protection from malicious, encrypted traffic.

Reduce operational expenditure. 5.    Security awareness and standards adoption across all users.

6.    Consolidate cybersecurity tools and leverage native (in-built) capabilities and features.

7.    Only prioritising the most critical security incidents.

8.    Revisiting the annual maintenance contract (AMC) to check if support is still needed for stable technologies.

Enhance employee experience. 9.    Secure employee assets and enable access anywhere.

10. Raise employees’ security awareness through scenario-based training.

11. Adopt ‘zero trust’ network access.

Additionally, security leaders need a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities, operational processes, tools, technologies, metrics and governance model – required to deliver security services.

Every business is unique. CodeBlue helps identify the key cybersecurity risks for each client, according to their specific environment. Its custom-designed security solutions then safeguard critical company data from possible breaches. To learn more about CodeBlue’s tailored solutions, email