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Welcome to the Modern Workplace.


A Modern Workplace is a digital and physical space, where leading-edge Microsoft 365 technologies and devices converge in a digital ecosystem to better meet our modern needs.

A Modern Workplace is built for teamwork, integrated for simplicity and backed by intelligent security. It embraces innovation, collaboration and empowers people to achieve more.

One Subscription to Microsoft 365


How can you benefit?

Ultimately, digital transformation (to a Modern Workplace) pays in a number of tangible ways, from increased productivity to reduced capital expenses…


Improved access through Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On across multiple applications and devices enhances security everywhere. The use of AI to defend business systems means your data is protected at all times.



Streamlined collaboration improves efficiency, teamwork and information sharing.

Research says this saves 1.1 to 8.0 hours per user per week.


Modern Workplaces support happier, more engaged employees.

Research says companies that offer remote work are 25% less likely to see employee turnover.


Savings vary per business, but generally stem from:

  • A reduced requirement for communication and collaboration tools
  • Rationalised software licensing
  • Reduced Capex spend

Frequently asked questions

By definition, a Modern Workplace is an operational setup that has been correctly designed to meet both your company’s physical and technological needs, as well as the needs of its employees to be empowered to be self-sufficient in their line of work. This is no longer a privilege reserved for large corporations; it is now the expected norm for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in New Zealand.

The essential benefit of a Modern Workplace includes increased workplace productivity, enhanced security for the workplace and creating a collaborative work environment, which you can further read about on this article


This is all possible due to the technology continually transforming the way we work; the current workplace in New Zealand is nothing like it was a decade ago as we look towards the future of work standard.

The following are just a few of the new advancements that will continue to shape our workplace,

Change in data storage
Business data volumes are increasing at an exponential rate. So, how can businesses efficiently keep all this data? This is where data storage management comes into play. Remote working, accessing resources cost effectively at scale, and constantly changing cyber security threats, lead us to a SaaS cloud solution.

Staying connected
Most businesses are operating in a hybrid model with employees working in the office and remotely. This means businesses need to ensure optimal networking and Wi-Fi requirements are satisfactory from a speed, reliability, and security perspective.

Hybrid workplace environments
A company’s on-premises presence is no longer sufficient, but the advantages of the cloud does not imply we can abandon a physical workplace. Businesses need to combine the two, providing unrivalled flexibility and scalability for the employees.

Need for AI in the workplace
Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t as far-fetched as we originally imagined. The need for chat bots and personal assistants in the modern office, as well as machine learning is required to automate the workplace, so employees can focus on what is important.

Competitive advantage
To stay competitive in the market, you must be able to operate in a Modern Workplace . It is necessary not only for the quality of work produced, but also for the recruitment and retention of your personnel drawn towards a Modern Workplace.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we work globally, lockdowns have affected hundreds of millions of people; many people have made the abrupt transition to working from home, and millions have lost their employment as a result.

New Zealand was no exception from COVID-19, During the COVID-19 alert levels 4 and 3 lockdown, more than 40% of employed people completed at least some of their job from home; we also have seen restructuring of the workplace to better accommodate the crisis we are facing.


We are starting to realise that COVID-19 will be a part of our lives for a long time and as a result, businesses in New Zealand must always be thinking about proactively keeping pace with technology advances to establish and maintain a Modern Workplace. Whether everybody is on board or not, the culture of working from home is here to stay.

Transitioning to a Modern Workplace is not as simple as it may look; management commitment and significant resources must be dedicated to reviewing all the company’s present technologies, reviewing all the options available for the upgrade as well as the goal they hope to achieve with this investment.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to becoming Modern Workplace ready due to the complexity and diversity of organizations; even though you may share the industry space, the requirements may be completely different to your competitors.

It makes sense to hire experts to undertake the hard lifting for your Modern Workplace to save time and money.

CodeBlue understands your business first prior to making the best recommendation for your workplace in New Zealand.

Whether it be recommending certain Microsoft 365 products alongside various devices and equipment’s with support functionality, you can be certain CodeBlue has your business in mind and is with you every step of the journey: from conceptualization to setting up the Modern Workplace .

Although migrating to a Modern Workplace can be a significant undertaking, progressive commitment and an incremental approach to implementation can result in early and continuing benefits.

If you would like to know about our services or would like assistance in transition to a Modern Workplace , please contact us today.

Microsoft 365 – A bit more helpful info

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Microsoft invests over 1 billion dollars a year on cyber security research and development and employs more than 3,500 security professionals.


How can we help YOU realise the business value of a Modern Workplace?

To answer, we start by understanding your business. Then we determine an IT strategy to help deliver your business objectives in partnership with you. As part of this road-mapping process, we will undertake cost/benefit analysis. It’s at this point we can help you determine the likely ROI for your individual business. No fluff. Real projections you can bank on…

CodeBlue’s IT procurement service streamlines the product purchasing process, takes the hassle out of procurement, and helps your organisation save time and money.

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MORE good reasons to transform with CodeBlue:


We develop your strategic technology roadmap in alignment with your business objectives and work in partnership with you to achieve business success.


In everything we do, delivering exceptional customer experiences comes first. We are bound to our customers by ongoing quality service.


We provide cost transparency and deliver an enterprise-grade IT service without the enterprise grade price tag.