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7 Reasons You Need an IT Partner

Why are more and more small to medium-sized organisations turning to IT partners to solidify their core functions? We’ve got 7 reasons why right here:

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The Age of Creativity… The Digital Age… The 4th Industrial Revolution… Whatever you may choose to call it, technology has transformed the very landscape of our society. And as new technologies continue to evolve and alter how we work, interact and live with one another, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for the best avenues to harness ICT to generate a competitive advantage and remain relevant.

As a result, many SMB’s are turning to an IT partner to either manage their entire IT environment, or to work in tandem with their in-house IT team. With more and more businesses adopting this approach, we at CodeBlue thought it quite pertinent to highlight why this is happening. So, here are seven key reasons why you need an IT Partner.

  1. Scaling
    Every business wants the ability to scale either up or down, depending on their requirements. With an IT partner, the support foundation has already been laid. So as your business continues to grow and your IT requirements change, you have the framework in place to facilitate such scaling, eliminating the need to hire additional IT staff.
  2. Dedicated Professionals
    With an IT partner you have access to a dedicated team of professionals whose livelihood it is to design technology solutions that deliver real business outcomes. You also immediately gain countless years of experience, and an IT team that’s always on top of any new developments in the industry.
  3. Reduce & Control Operating Costs
    With the ability to scale and pay-as-you-go, your cost model can go from Capex to Opex, allowing you to invest certain elements of funds into other areas of the business, while you also eliminate the need to hire new staff and all the associated costs that come with onboarding and training.
  4. Focus on Your Core Business
    Without the need to focus on “keeping the lights on”, your internal team are free to focus on core business functions and initiatives that will grow your business.
  5. Guarantee Compliance & Security
    Safeguard yourself against an ever-growing world of cyber-crime. With an IT partner you don’t need to ask if you have a DMZ, or if your firewall is up to date. It’s imperative you stay up to date on the latest governing standards, an IT partner makes this considerably easier.
  6. Risk Reduction
    Having someone else make all the final decisions, or at least liaise with you to find the best solution means you won’t over-invest in the wrong solution or fall short and invest in something that won’t deliver what you need.
  7. Business Continuity
    Protect against a cyber-attack, flood or other disaster with an IT partner. Operate free of the risk of downtime with continuity and backup plans in place should an unexpected disaster occur, fostering an uninterrupted flow of service.

At CodeBlue we are the largest nationwide IT Services company servicing small to mid-sized organisations across New Zealand. Whether you need help procuring devices, installing a new network or management of your whole environment, we can help you focus on the core functions and initiatives that will allow you to grow.

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