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The Value of a Helping Hand

The benefits of managed services for SMB’s

Like larger companies, SMBs need superior technology to remain operational and competitive.

Expert IT support and services can be costly – but can be reduced through outsourcing. Managed IT services allow businesses to offload certain IT operations, allowing businesses to keep pace with larger ones.

Managed IT service providers offer a wide range of services, generally assuming responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving IT systems and functions for the business. This can extend to strategic planning, data backup and recovery, cloud services, procurement and cyber security.

Below we explore the key benefits managed IT services offer for SMBs.

Leading Technology and Infrastructure

Leading managed IT service providers use the best available technology and equipment to deliver high quality and competitive services. Your business can take advantage of high quality technology and infrastructure without having to make the expensive investments.

Companies providing IT services are constantly upgrading with no additional cost or financial risk to their clients. With highly resilient and secure infrastructure that is continuously upgraded, there is no need to worry about your IT solutions falling behind or becoming obsolete.


By using managed IT services, businesses can gain access to specialist skills from highly experienced IT professionals. This avoids the expense of hiring or training IT staff with the necessary skill-set to manage your company’s IT systems and functions. Alternatively, your IT staff can be redeployed to work on more strategic projects while day-to-day monitoring and operations are managed by your service provider.

Many SMBs can’t afford to match the in-house IT support larger organisations can maintain. Outsourcing levels the playing field for smaller companies by allowing them to access similar technology and expertise that larger companies enjoy. This provides a clear, competitive advantage. At CodeBlue, expertise extends to CIO level strategic planning, development and evaluation

Flexible Tailored Services

World class IT support services like CodeBlue focus on flexibility, tailoring a service which specifically meets individual business needs. With service level agreements in place, your business can enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed continuity of service.

Flexible, tailored services offers greater control of service levels and performance. Businesses only pay for necessary services, which ultimately reduces costs. All your applications and servers can be managed from a centralised data centre, allowing your service provider to manage systems and resolve issues remotely and store specific, in-depth knowledge about a business’s IT setup.

Reduced Risk

Every business carries a certain amount of risk, whether it be from markets, competition, technology or government regulations, all of which can rapidly change. Managed IT services offers you a partner to share these risks and responsibilities armed with specific industry knowledge to minimise risk.

IT service providers can reduce risk by managing security and compliance issues. This includes preparing for system crashes, power outages and natural disasters through comprehensive data backup and recovery and an integrated cyber security solution.


CodeBlue is a New Zealand based IT Services Company, providing fully managed and proactive IT support services, optimised for small to mid-sized companies. This includes cloud services, data backup and recovery, cyber security services, CIO services and strategic planning services. We deliver IT solutions across three branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We’ll tailor an effective IT solution to meet the specific demands of your organisation, freeing up resources, providing expertise and allowing you to benefit from a fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost. Contact CodeBlue today to discuss managed IT services for your organisation.