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Discover the value hidden in your data, via a data warehouse and business analytics solution.


Discover the value hidden in your data, via a data warehouse and business analytics solution.

Recognising the growing potential contained within data, listed industrial property specialist PFI looked to its managed services provider CodeBlue for the development and delivery of a data warehouse and business analytics solution.

With the introduction of a Microsoft SQL Server repository and PowerBI, PFI has substantially advanced its ambitions to become a data-driven company. This is when decisions are backed by sound information, rather than depending solely on personal insights, conjecture or gut feel.

PFI is a leading NZX listed property vehicle specialising in the industrial sector. First listed in 1994, the company has seen substantial growth over the last 30 years. Due to PFI’s strong management expertise and continuing high demand in the industry, the company has expanded its portfolio 5x in value and 2x in size in the last decade, with a current value more than $2 billion. With favourable market conditions set to continue, so are PFI’s plans for future growth


With the recent introduction of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, PFI found itself capturing considerably more data than ever before. However, the reporting capabilities within the ERP solution were rudimentary. It required extensive customisation at a high cost for anything more detailed or specific.

At the same time, the company’s leadership recognised the emerging power of analytics along with the distinction between ‘data’ and ‘information’. They brought on Systems and Reporting Manager Samantha Schwartz. She’s taken ownership of the ERP and development of custom reporting / analytics for greater insights from the raw data. This data, Schwartz explains, includes financial, tenant, customer, vendor and all related actions

We’re looking to grow the sources drawn on for reporting, with a view that all data has value. Whether for identifying trends and guiding future decisions, or for better understanding and improvement of business processes and workflows”.



A sound relationship with CodeBlue meant PFI and Schwartz knew exactly where to look for the necessary expertise. “They do a good job of our IT support, so we asked if they could help with a data warehouse and analytics solution… and the answer was yes,” she notes.

While there is no shortage of options available for a data warehouse, SQL Server was selected as the preferred option. This provides an ingestion platform capable of consuming data from the ERP solution, as well as any additional external feeds for further depth.

As we’re on a journey to collect more data, we wanted a flexible solution. Again, this surpasses anything we might have within the ERP system, casting the data net a bit wider”.


In the absence of APIs, a ‘partially automated’ process – established with CodeBlue support – feeds data into the system from the daily ERP database backup.

Schwartz says delivery of the necessary structures, which includes SQL Server Management Studio and PowerBI on the front end took several months. “Most of that wasn’t architectural or functional challenges, but instead working out and optimising performance and licensing issues,” she states.


With a growing appetite for insight and information across PFI, 50% of staff now enjoy direct access to information without working through team members, pulling reports on demand. “Development is ongoing as we look to roll out more reports focused on specific individual needs and business deadlines,” Schwartz says. An improved reporting system replaces excessive reliance on Excel spreadsheets, frustrations with delays in reporting, stale data and manual processing. More than that Schwartz adds, “There’s a real and growing appetite for insights… and better reporting is fuelling that appetite”.


of staff receive at least one report from the analytics solution.


time saving thanks to process improvements

With CodeBlue’s effective support and delivery, Schwartz says sound foundations are now established. Schwartz observes that getting the technical infrastructure in place, along with initial change management and user buy-in is among the first, and most crucial components. “That includes discipline in data capture, so we’re developing custom forms. Sometimes, you don’t know what the questions are that you want answered. Casting the data net wide and capturing accurate, appropriately structured data, sets the scene for future analysis.”

The business has responded positively to the introduction of the solution – moving from initial reluctance to capture extra data to enthusiasm, as the PowerBI reports started hitting desks. Through it all, she says the quality of IT support and expertise from CodeBlue has proven invaluable. “It’s gone well, and it’s a successful relationship,” she concludes.

“Once people realised, they no longer need to cobble stuff together in Excel, but spend time instead thinking about the results… that’s when it got exciting and perceptions changed”.



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