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What are the key considerations when selecting your mobile technology?

One of the biggest barriers to business mobility is the overarching concern of security. Learn how HP and CodeBlue can eliminate this concern without compromising your business’s productivity.

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In recent years the desire for mobility in the small and medium business (SMB) sector has been increasing exponentially. In fact, 52% of SMB employees travel for business purposes 4-5 days out of the month1. To avoid drops in productivity business owners are looking to mobilise their workforce through computing solutions that cater to remote working demands, however, with a mobile workforce also comes business concerns and with respect to SMBs, the biggest concern lies in security, as SMBs are the most at risk of losing critical data files, accounting for 61% of reported breaches2. The question is, how do you go mobile while also remaining secure?

How HP is increasing the productivity of the mobile workforce

HP believe mobility can be a path to solutions that bring real, tangible benefits for business. Through business-grade devices tailored specifically for mobile professionals, business owners can leverage hardware, software and connectivity that keeps employees productive and business critical data secure3.

HP’s suite of devices are subject to stringent, military-grade durability testing to ensure they can handle the day-to-day rigors of business, to keep business led initiatives moving. Designed with industry specific features for verticals like retail, manufacturing/construction, content creation and field service, employees have the right tools to stay connected and execute4. Simultaneously, business owners can leverage their trusted IT partners to remotely manage both their workforces productivity, as well as their devices security and health using tools like HP Touchpoint Manager5.

Custom built tools for workers on the go

With security being such a large barrier to business mobility, HP’s “Sure Suite” of embedded technology work to protect your device, identity and data6. For example, ‘Sure Start’ can automatically recover a devices BIOS while ‘Sure Run’ can keep your applications running when malware attempts to shut them down. On a more personal level, ‘Sure Click’ helps protect you from clicking on malicious links while ‘Sure View’ protects against the threat of visual hacking.

From a management perspective, Touchpoint Manager puts you in control of your businesses devices with device optimisation and security enforcement. Working with your trusted HP certified IT partner they can identify and roadmap the tools necessary to generate a fit-for-purpose device plan across your entire workforce, ensuring optimal productivity without compromising security.

CodeBlue – New Zealand IT services for SMBs

Security is a major concern for SMBs looking to mobilise their workforce and rightfully so, but there are solutions available to keep your employees functional and your business’s data safe. For an IT company in New Zealand you can rely on, look no further than CodeBlue. We deliver cutting-edge cloud computing and data backup and recovery services, proactive IT support services, and much more. We’ve helped businesses across New Zealand grow through with our leading IT services.

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