Project Description

Cyber Security – At last some good news

 CodeBlue’s Cyber Security Services for NZ SMB’s

Here at CodeBlue we’ve completed a major project to develop a comprehensive, practical and effective set of services to help customers protect their data from the ever growing proliferation of cyber security threats.

Customers can now select from a handy menu of services to select the level of cyber security appropriate to their particular business. See here for our Cyber Security Service Overview

Our Cyber Security Service is built around a ‘technology stack’ comprising the best products out there in the market today. We can now offer a truly state-of-the-art security umbrella to protect against malware, ransomware, botnet, phishing and spam. This armoury protects your network and your devices at every threat entry point.

The Internet Protection Shield ensures that when you connect to the internet, regardless of whether you are working from the office, or via any other internet connection, you always have the very latest and most comprehensive threat protection. This is truly world-leading threat protection and you can get the full details from the Cyber Security Service Overview.

Our Content Filtering services provide comprehensive content control for users across both email and web browsing. Mail Filtering ensures all messages are scrubbed before being delivered, and complex content filtering and data loss prevention controls, can detect and prevent sensitive or inappropriate content leaving or entering your business. Web Filtering ensures users are not exposed in inappropriate content when browsing, and if required users can be limited to only those websites that are required for their role.

We are continuing to promote the Fortigate range of firewalls as your network perimeter lynch pin. A firewall continues to be essential in detecting and combating other internet threats, as well as providing secure segmented networks to keep your business data safe.

And finally, our Endpoint protection – which is the last line of defence on every device and every server – connects to CodeBlue’s central management server to ensure your endpoint protection is kept secure and current.

Our new Cyber Security Service is designed to deliver on three key objectives:

  1. Deliver a truly world class cyber security solution that integrates the best security technologies available on the market today.
  2. Make it simple and easy for individual customers to work with us to select the level of protection appropriate for their business.
  3. Ensure that our solution continually evolves as the threat landscape changes, and that all changes and fixes are automatically included across all customer networks and devices.

After more information?

Your CodeBlue trusted adviser can answer any questions you might have about the new Cyber Security Service. Or you can email or call me directly at or (09) 970 5612.