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Do You Need A Mobile Workforce In 2019?

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Mobile workforces and remote employees are increasingly popular for businesses. While the traditional office space is still a hub for most companies, enabling employees to work on-the-go or while overseas has shown great success in recent years. The adoption of a remote workforce has been reliant on a number of factors and, as we see further advances in technology, tele-commuting and sharing secure data will become increasingly simple.

As we move toward the end of 2018, how valuable is a mobile workforce in 2019?

A remote workforce is easier to manage than ever

For a business to see success with their remote workforce, there are a number of factors that need consideration. Internet connectivity is no longer about simply getting online, employees now may need to chat, share large files, or video conference throughout their remote work day. Thankfully, the power of modern smartphones and fibre broadband mean that both mobile hotspots and home connections are faster than ever.
While connectivity is crucial for employees, security is one of the most common concerns for a business of any size. Cloud storage and hybrid cloud services – a combination of remote server storage and dedicated in-house storage – mean business data is not only secure, but always accessible. An office full of employees can have their day cut short if a power cut prevents access to your server, while cloud storage ensures secure access from anywhere remotely.

Businesses need mobility to compete

The value of a remote workforce in the coming year will surely be through helping businesses compete. As we move closer to an entirely digital world, business is no longer done simply in your local suburb or city.

Travelling to other parts of the country or world with remote access to a business network allows Business Development Managers to showcase large presentations to clients, discuss this with team members in another part of the world, and view updated documents as required. This further helps to reduce costs – there’s no need to stretch out work or travel days by an unnecessary amount, documents won’t require a courier and can be viewed without delay, and your employees will always be working from the most up-to-date information available to avoid miscommunicating with clients.

How to make your mobile workforce succeed

For the majority of businesses, a mobile workforce may soon be a necessity. Reduced costs will only lead to lower, competitive prices for products and services, and with the global access that cloud computing offers, employees, collaborators, and freelancers can be found all over the world.
For businesses to truly compete in the coming years, adopting cloud technology and securing company data will be crucial – if you haven’t already considered securing your data at an off-site location, speak to one of our team today.

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