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How  AI  improves  IT  services  

If I’m honest, my first response to news of the ChatGPT LLM (Large Language Model) launch was largely dismissive. This is probably because, like for most, I find new technology that claims to significantly shift the dial as either “unlikely” or “scary”. It wasn’t until I read posts on the subject appearing on my reddit front page (feed) that I realised this technology isn’t so scary and is, in fact, very helpful.

A large language model is a kind of machine learning capability which itself is a type of artificial intelligence. These three concepts can be quite daunting and difficult to understand. It is essential all business leaders and participants understand them, because each will and does influence how we interact with technology and each other in the future.

Nathan McClintock – Head of Operations and Business Improvement

At CodeBlue we encourage our staff to engage with these technologies. Ultimately using them will enhance our customers’ experience.

One of CodeBlue’s strengths is how we securely capture and use support information regarding our customers. Even when armed with that information, our team can’t know everything. Search engines have helped us know more. Tools like ChatGPT assembles that knowledge in such a way that we can more quickly act upon the information we have.

We also know that tools like ChatGPT retain all the information inputted into their systems. Our focus on confidentiality and privacy means we have proactively created specific policies for using tools like this. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us for a chat.

There is a bright future for adopting artificial intelligence in the provision of IT managed services. Features like sentiment analysis help support staff and systems identify priorities faster. Pattern recognition will categorise tasks for faster (or automated) resolution of service requests.

We are often guilty of fearing things we don’t understand. I encourage everyone to obtain a ChatGPT account and try it out. My peers on CodeBlue’s Senior Leadership Team use ChatGPT and have found it a great companion to many aspects of their work. Soon Microsoft will be releasing their Microsoft 365 Copilot capability. We’ve all got two choices before us. We either have this technology thrust upon us and we kick and scream in response, or we dive in and willingly adopt it. I’ve decided to do the latter.

I don’t see this technology replacing our people. It helps them! We love interacting with our customers and only have a desire to do that more. I am already experiencing productivity gains by using ChatGPT meaning I can focus more on quality outputs. Give it a go and be surprised!

Bio: Nathan McClintock

Nathan is the Head of Operations and Business Improvement at CodeBlue and serves on its Senior Leadership Team. He is accountable for CodeBlue’s national Service Desk and Network Operations Centre alongside implementing business-wide system and process improvements.