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Information Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Like fashion, food and anything else in pop culture, IT trends are expected to change in the New Year. We’ve had 2017 to try new things, learn from our mistakes and think about how to do things better, and now we’d like to share with you the shifts and adaptations we expect the IT world will see in 2018. We’ve kept our eyes and ears open so we can provide you with unrivalled IT services in Auckland year after year.

Cyber Security

In 2018, we can expect businesses to want tighter cyber security more than ever before. Unfortunately, more sophisticated cyber-attacks are becoming common, and old-fashioned protection software just doesn’t cut it anymore. Businesses and organisations will need to review their policies and current processes, and more will be choosing managed IT services for its expertise and reliability. When your data and your customers’ personal information is at stake, it’s better to be too careful than not careful enough.

Hybrid Cloud

Businesses will continue to invest in hybrid and multi-cloud systems, both public and private. This means there will be an increase in the demand for hybrid cloud management solutions, as businesses will realise the importance of having a defined set of management tools to ensure their business operates as smoothly as possible. IT service providers will be expected to provide not just one solution, but many, to suit all kinds of different systems and preferences.

Data and Analytics

If you think there’s a lot of data out there now, just wait until the New Year rolls around. The amount of data being created by the Internet of Things is making it easier for businesses to be more efficient and profitable, which means that businesses are benefiting from greater insights. We expect that data and analytics will continue to grow exponentially, allowing businesses and organisations to make innovative changes.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has slowly been integrating into our world since years ago, and by next year it will have become mainstream. Businesses will continue to use artificial intelligence for customer service, robotics, marketing and analytics, but the whole process will be faster and cheaper. Smarter automation of emails, content generation, industrial manufacturing, etc. will help businesses and organisations excel.

The Digital World

And finally, what’s the forecast looking like for the overall digital world? It’s speed over cost, and innovation over tradition. Businesses and organisations have been prioritising speed because it enhances customer experiences, which in turn increases brand loyalty. The New Year will see businesses identifying and eliminating anything that slows down their IT infrastructure, and identifying the technologies and platforms that will help deliver their business goals.

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