Project Description

Life After Windows 7

It’s never ideal finding out that your current operating system is retiring, but then again, when has technology ever stayed still?

It’s never ideal finding out that your current operating system is retiring, but then again, when has technology ever stayed still? Nevertheless, as of 2018 any new hardware on the market will not be compatible with Windows 7. So, disregard thoughts of staying put, wave goodbye to Windows 7 and let’s talk about coming up with an action plan before you end up with countless cyber-attacks and productivity dips (those problems are much harder to solve…).

Firstly, it’s all about Windows 10

This part’s a no-brainer – time to say hello to Windows 10! Updating to Microsoft’s newest addition will keep you from falling prey to the risks associated with staying with older systems, such as increased security hazards, hardware compatibility failures and lack of support. It also has many more benefits that can drastically improve workforce productivity, so even if Windows 7 wasn’t vanishing, it’d still be worth the upgrade.

For example, BitLocker Drive Encryption is now available on Windows 10 Professional. This feature means that hard drives on devices are automatically encrypted – easily securing confidential data when devices are lost or stolen. Previously, this feature was only available on the Enterprise version but now, with Windows 10, every business can benefit from this feature without paying enterprise prices. Not a bad start, right?

Secondly, get an End-User Device Strategy

This strategy should align your business’s needs with industry trends, leaving your company in a strong position to fight off security breaches, maximise staff efficiency as well as certify that you’re future-ready for any technology enhancements down the road. Migrating historic devices running the Windows 7 system (or older) to the Windows 10 platform, really comes into full view here because doing this will:

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Help drive new business
  • Decrease the need for application testing

Thirdly, punch in our number and speak to us!

You’ve got 6 months to make the migration but why not jump straight to it? Either way, we’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

For a full list of exciting new features, courtesy of Windows 10, and to grasp a deeper insight into its benefits, download our free infographic – it’s simple and cuts to the chase.

Or maybe you’re ready for action? If you would like to discuss this in further detail please give your CodeBlue Account Manager a call and we can help talk you through it.