Project Description

PSN & CodeBlue

working together to make a difference

PSN & CodeBlue

working together to make a difference

For more than 135 years, Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN) has been helping create better lives for those that are most vulnerable in our community. With over 1,000 staff in 25 service centres, PSN work with and provide assistance to communities across the upper North Island, from Turangi to Whangarei.

With a strong community presence, PSN partners with Presbyterian parishes, schools and other groups to find ways to enhance the lives of individuals and whole communities.

With individual business units that include Enliven, Shine, Family Works, Family Works Resolution Services and Lifeline, PSN’s Information Services (IS) team of six, supports over 450 users across a wide range of technologies.

Several years ago, PSN were seeking a like-minded IT partner to share and support the organisation’s vision.

PSN were facing unique challenges

PSN are responsible for caring for some of the country’s most vulnerable people, and with staff and volunteers spread across many communities and often working in the field, their IT infrastructure and systems are critical to their mission.

Their IT infrastructure supports multiple platforms spread across a number of individual business units. At the commencement of the partnership, several areas of their infrastructure were aging and presented a number of IT system management challenges.

To continue delivering the key services many in the community relied upon, PSN were looking to update certain areas of their IT infrastructure and systems that would enable the continued delivery of consistent service. Additionally, a number of staff devices would be updated to take advantage of Windows 10 functionality and collaborative tools.

A relationship built on understanding

PSN led a conscious decision to digress from a traditional tactical approach in favour of one that was more strategic. With this in mind, CodeBlue developed a strategic technology roadmap which would aid in understanding PSN’s continued requirements as well as help tailor future IT investments in alignment with PSN’s strategic objectives.

To do this, CodeBlue first needed to understand PSN’s role in the community, their desired capabilities and business outcomes, and most importantly, understand the way in which PSN’s staff and volunteers executed their roles. It was essential that staff continued to have streamlined remote connectivity to enable an always-on, anytime, anywhere ability to service the community.

The strategic technology roadmap is a key document that prescribes how technology will support the business strategy to help drive business priorities

“PSN’s relationship with CodeBlue is that of a trusted partner. They are literally an extension of the PSN Information Services (IS) Team. We share our business and IS strategy and jointly identify solutions to support them. They are always willing to go the extra mile for us and make resources available when we need them.”

Peter van Dyk

PSN Chief Information Officer

over short and long-term periods. This helped PSN’s desire to take a strategic approach with a clear outline of project deliveries, budgets and timeframes.

What was the way forward?

With a number of business units, disparate IT systems and staff, CodeBlue now provides PSN with consistent 24/7 support and serviceability to each of their offices in the North Island. A partnership in the truest sense that continues to grow and adapt alongside PSN’s internal Auckland-based IT team.

What projects have been implemented?

Throughout the course of their 6-year relationship, CodeBlue and PSN have undertaken a number of transformational projects. Including:

  • Undertaking foundational infrastructure and system improvement projects that provide a consistent and stable platform. Delivering a solid foundation to drive effective change across
    the organisation.
  • Commenced a modernisation
    of PSN’s device fleet, regularly refreshing older devices with HP devices powered by Intel®. Delivering faster, more secure and standardised tools for office and field workers alike.
  • Commenced integration and development of a hybrid cloud service model.
  • Focus and research has been given to understanding and improving the user experience across a range of systems and services.
  • Quickly enabled PSN’s Lifeline Call Centre business unit to work remotely in light of the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Currently evaluating the process and technology element for refining PSN’s data protection policy, a project driven by cost and performance optimisation.

What outcomes have PSN gained?

Across the entire technology landscape, there has been strategic integration of systems that ultimately has PSN going from strength to strength. The integrated technology operates 24/7, with extended active monitoring and support available from CodeBlue in the event
of an issue.

CodeBlue’s managed service has delivered significant cost benefits in terms of predictability, support efficiencies and return on investment for PSN. Being able to leverage CodeBlue’s expertise has elevated PSN’s ability to apply best practice across their IT environment. Having access to support, which can scale as demand fluctuates is a huge benefit, in particular during the period leading up to the COVID-19 lockdowns. With CodeBlue’s IT support and services, PSN were able to continue devoting their efforts to their core business.

There have been improvements across service delivery in terms of productivity, process and efficiency. With business units spread across the country, CodeBlue’s regional presence is of vital importance to PSN and continues to greatly enable the streamlined delivery of their services.

From the outset, the working relationship between PSN and CodeBlue has been one of trust and respect, with key focus placed on continually challenging each other to drive better outcomes and efficiencies. Through CodeBlue learning PSN’s business strategy and purpose, both parties have always had a clear understanding of where they want the partnership to go. And with the stepping stones for a full migration to Microsoft 365 laid, PSN is well on the way to having a modern IT platform to support those in the community who need it most.


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