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How Infrastructure Is Shaping The Future Workplace

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Technology is changing how we work. The modern office is a totally different place to what it was a decade ago. While some changes are more obvious and can be seen on a daily basis, other things are behind the scenes, used all the time but taken for granted by employees as the expected. Despite this quiet presence, the foundation of any office is crucial for employees do their job. How is the foundation changing? What infrastructure moves should you expect in the coming years?

A different kind of AI

Artificial Intelligence isn’t as farfetched as we once thought. You may be thinking talking robots but AI actually applies to the modern world in various ways that are not as sci-fi. For the modern office, this means things like chat bots and personal assistants, as well as also machine learning, where computers can learn new concepts from raw data. This can empower an organisation to use their data in new ways, making use of the astronomical pools of data businesses have access to.

Hybrid environments

A business can no longer just be on-premise, nor can the allure of cloud mean abandoning a physical presence. Future businesses will be a mix of both, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Hybrid IT means an organisation gets the best of both worlds, in turn helping staff to be happier and more productive thanks to a reliable, fast system their tools work from.

The importance of data storage

Slow apps mean frustrated staff. The issue? Poor storage combined with a lack of support. The future of business is instant, guaranteed availability. Good storage, like HPE Nimble Storage, along with predictive analytics, like HPE InfoSight, eliminates the gap between apps and data, ensuring a workforce that always has easy access to do their job to the best of their ability.

Keeping connected

Perhaps one of the fastest growing areas with the most impact is how your staff connect to the office and each other. Networking and Wi-Fi needs to meet the demands of today. This means many are moving to an open, more modular design and an all-wireless workplace. The right infrastructure and networking solutions, like that from HPE, can make the office more responsive and flexible so workloads can migrate freely and staff can connect anywhere, anytime.

The workplace of the future isn’t just the hardware you can see walking into an office. In order for any of that to work, the solutions behind it must also change. Many businesses will see digital transformation to enable this future workplace sooner than they think. If you’re not sure where to start or need help planning your transformation, talk to us today.

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