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The Hidden Costs of Not Being Proactive About IT

It can be easy to push IT issues to the side, especially when your phone’s blowing up and you’ve got clients lining out the door. Despite IT sitting at the core of most mid-sized businesses in New Zealand, it seems to have taken on the role of the annoying uncle who no-one has time for.

That’s understandable – computers and software keep evolving and updating, and it can be hard to keep up to date. However, no-one can deny the importance of a strategic approach to running IT technology in a business environment. Neglecting to maintain the technical side of your business can cause your brand to drop beneath your competitors. In this digital era, failing to be proactive about IT can have dire consequences.

Here are three hidden costs of not being proactive about IT:


Time is the most valuable thing, wouldn’t you agree? Some say time is money, others say time is more than money, but everyone agrees that time is worth treasuring. According to Basex, a knowledge economy research and advisory firm, the average worker loses 28% of the workday, or 2.1 hours a day, due to interruptions and inefficiencies. Slow IT software can slow down the whole team. Keep productivity levels high by managing your IT services in the most efficient way.

Setting up a structured IT strategy from the get-go can save you precious time in the long run. Basex also revealed that for every 100 people unnecessarily copied into an email, 8 hours are lost. It all adds up, so be proactive about IT and keep the bigger picture in mind.


With most communication and marketing occurring online, a good IT system is crucial. Fast, secure and reliable IT systems can give your business a leg up in a competitive market. Websites, social media accounts and emails generate the most ROI, so an unsatisfactory IT system not only means an opportunity cost, but a monetary loss. Communication is key not only in personal relationships, but with clients as well!

Failing to maintain an active relationship or failing to reach potential customers equals a loss of profit. A weak IT system can also encourage hackers, which can lead to devastating consequences. Keep your clients’ personal details and your business safe by investing in cyber security. You can find cyber security in Auckland at CodeBlue.


Last but certainly not least, neglecting IT can lead to the loss of clients. Clients are your most valuable asset, as they provide opportunities for further growth. Keep both current and future clients happy and loyal by backing up your data, protecting the security of your IT systems and making the online experience user-friendly.

IT plays a major role in the success of businesses, so protect what you’ve worked hard to create by managing your technologies. CodeBlue provides IT support in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Southland. We are committed to helping out mid-sized Kiwi businesses, so give us a shout if you’d like specialised IT assistance.

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