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The True Cost Of Unplanned Downtime On Your Business

Downtime is good, unless it happens in your business. Every business owner will understand the fear of network downtime – and if you haven’t experienced it, don’t count your lucky stars just yet. Downtime is unfortunately a common occurrence, but there are some preventative measures you can take to minimize the risk and consequences of such an event.

Investing in managed IT services is one way to protect your business. At CodeBlue, we offer IT services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Southland to get your IT infrastructure set up securely, we also offer backup and data recovery services for when you experience a hiccup down the line. With managed IT services, you can reduce the chances of experiencing network downtime, and reduce any damage.

What’s At Risk

There are three types of technologies that are at risk during downtime: business applications, productivity services and technology services. These are all technologies that help keep a business running smoothly. Business applications are the programs employees use to work, productivity services include email and Internet, and technology services are the physical servers and networks that make up the technology infrastructure.

Network downtime can mean a loss in customers, decreased employee productivity, data failure and perhaps a loss of revenue. No-one can predict how long a period of downtime will last for, but direct and indirect losses are inevitable. These can include IT recovery costs, customer dissatisfaction and damage to your brand. Downtime can set off a trigger that causes a ripple effect. This is why it’s important to have a proactive preventative plan in place.

How Do I Lessen The Impact

With managed IT services, there are a bunch of ways you can reduce the impact of downtime. The first step is to have a stable IT infrastructure to begin with. At CodeBlue, we offer procurement services and general IT support services. We can buy your business’ hardware and software vendors and set it all up, saving you time and money. As with everything, it helps to start with a solid structure. Once you’ve got a good ground to begin on, you can build up.

Another way to lessen the impact of network downtime is to invest in backup and data recovery. This way, you won’t lose any valuable data during a power outage, system crash or IT security attacks. It’s the best way to keep peace of mind while you work, with your back covered. At CodeBlue, we offer customized data backup and recovery services for small and mid-sized organizations. We also offer Cyber Security Services Nationwide

Network downtime is never fun, but with a good plan and attention to detail, it can be less of a problem than it has to be. If you want to protect your business from downtime, get in touch with CodeBlue and we can discuss how IT Support and Services can benefit your business.