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Three Benefits of a Modern Workplace

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As technology evolves, the way we work changes with it. At this present time, the workplace is all about connecting, collaborating and creating.

According to HP, 72% of workers say outdated technology harms productivity and 62% of HR and line managers said better, more up-to-date technologies would help to foster employee engagement.1 Leveraging the right technology is a core way for your organisation to facilitate a modern workplace environment, giving employees the digital tools needed to successfully fulfil the requirements of their role.

At CodeBlue, we’ve broken down the key benefits of a modern workplace and how they can enhance experiences, flexibility and long-term success across your organisation.

1. Productivity

Multi-device use is becoming the new norm across the modern-day business. Employees are likely to access work-related documents through laptops and mobiles remotely, as the lines between work and home life become increasingly blurred. Embracing a mobile technology environment is key to empowering your employees to work anywhere, at any time while boosting productivity across all departments.

Devices like the HP ProBook 450 G7 Notebook, powered by a 10th Generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor are a great example of mobile technology that is lightweight and designed for work on the go. Embedded with advanced security features, employees can work remotely with peace of mind that their device is protected.

2. Security

With the nature of work becoming increasingly decentralised through the explosion of flexible working and mobility initiatives, the modern workplace can face a multitude of cyber security threats on any given day. It’s a double-edged sword in a sense, because on the one hand you’re facilitating more streamlined work practices that can be handled from anywhere at any time, but with that comes increased security risks through public prying eyes and unknown networks.

But with the right technology you can get on the front foot and thwart the many threats trying to compromise your workers. HP has developed a number of hardware enforced solutions that protect your workers and critical data, no matter where they are. From HP Sure Start, which can restore your device to the latest safe image, to HP Sure View which protects against visual hackers, there’s hardware embedded solutions that work to enable confident browsing and safe work.

3. Collaboration

Adopting newer technologies and integrating better software can overall enhance the collaborative nature of your organisation’s environment. With the opportunity to communicate and work on documents through virtual workspaces, employees aren’t limited to having to meet face-to-face or within a physical office.

Through a centralised, single digital platform, workers can access mission-critical data, documents and project information, enabling deeper collaboration and flexible working styles.

Transitioning to a modern workplace can be challenging, but the benefits are key to your organisation’s long-term success in the ever-changing digital landscape. In partnership with HP, CodeBlue can help guide your IT journey and drive operational value. Sign up below to our e-newsletter to find out more about the modern workplace.