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Upgrading your security with a Modern Workplace

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The cybercrime ecosystem has only continued to grow and develop, having become only more sophisticated during the past two pandemic-ridden years. In fact, since the pandemic began, cyberattacks have increased 400%, being a major downfall to the growth of small to medium-sized businesses.1 With the influx of remote working in businesses, security threats have advanced in severity, with cybercriminals managing to bypass detection tools. And with COVID-19 continuing to endanger the community, we can only expect stronger security breaches, causing higher monetary damage to businesses.  

The worst part is every employee in a workplace could be blindly contributing to fostering an accessible environment for cybercriminals. In 2021, the most common types of malicious attachments were archive files (29%), spreadsheets (23%), documents (19%), and executable files (19%). Unusual archive file types – such as JAR (Java Archive files) – being used to avoid detection and scanning tools and install malware that is easily obtained in underground marketplaces.2 

But how can a business avoid this?  

A modern workplace is a collation of multiple products and services, allowing businesses to work at any place, at any time, on any device. Not only does it benefit a SMB’s productivity, but a modern workplace has many security advantages, acting as one of the strongest weapons against cybercriminals. It may be time for your business to transition to the cloud with CodeBlue, with leading-edge Microsoft 365 technologies and devices converging into a digital ecosystem to better meet your modern needs. 

If a business is still relying on traditional servers to store their data, it becomes impossible to implement the most effective security measures. In short, a cybercriminal is only required to get past a server’s firewall to access company information to then start any encryption. With a modern workplace, a series of security layers are installed to better protect a business and their information. Modern workplaces are adaptable to the needs of any business, where companies can tailor the way they secure their data.  

A modern workplace will strengthen:  

  • Identity protection 
  • Information protection 
  • Threat protection 
  • Security management 

CodeBlue can help a business seamlessly transition to a modern workplace at the pace they desire. CodeBlue is at the forefront of IT Managed Services for mid-sized organisations, helping keep IT support costs down and maximise investment in existing and modern technology. Whether investing in a hybrid workplace or a remote workplace, CodeBlue can offer and all-inclusive services to get a business ready to embrace Microsoft 365 applications to better secure their networks and information.  


Modern Workplace solutions for every business 

Are you looking for ways to modernise your workplace to keep up with growing digital demands? Our IT experts can help you adapt to the new normal of remote and flexible working environments with tailored technology solutions. Contact us to learn more about solving your security concerns, empowering staff to work anywhere and growing your business. 

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