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What hybrid cloud services do for your business

Many businesses in 2018 are still trying to decide between public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions for the company data. Cloud computing is a fantastic solution for data storage and backup, which uses an off-site data centre to store your information. That way, if your company suffers a power cut or theft, your information is still safe an accessible.

A hybrid cloud is a combination of any two types of cloud storage (virtual, on-site, or public), with communication and synchronicity between the two – so which one is for you?

As each storage centre will be design to meet specific data requirements, some hybrid cloud options will be more suited to your business than others. Uniformly, however, there are a number of benefits: reduced cost, with greater scalability, compliance, and security.

Why hybrid cloud is an evolution of data security

At one time, the most reliable method of data storage was to copy files to a disk or tape and trust it would be okay. Today, there is so much more data in the world, and the amount is continuing to grow as we move toward a largely digital society.

Businesses are now realising that they can analyse this data in vast quantities, and use it for making valuable decisions in business. To do this, however, it also requires secure backups of data, which vary in their ability to provide reliable backup and secure storage.

Which type of storage is best to keep my business data safe?

Individual, file-based backups require incredible amounts of time to recover, while image backups take snapshots of the current machine. This is similar to a disk image, as you may have experienced on a Mac. As the image backup contains a total snapshot of the drive, it’s a much faster and reliable way to recover data.

A hybrid cloud combines the best of both local and cloud storage. There are many benefits to a hybrid cloud, beginning with the lower reliance on bandwidth over a cloud-only solution – as cloud storage works by updating an off-site server through the internet, cloud-only storage requires constant connectivity.

This means you can schedule data transfers without the risk of having no backup data. With a hybrid cloud solution, you get up and running from a local, on-site server and recover data almost instantly, while the off-site, cloud backup server will be there in the case of an emergency.

A hybrid cloud takes the best parts of previous data storage options, and combines them into a reliable, dual-site storage solution.

Hybrid cloud computer services with CodeBlue

If you’re looking at expanding your business, or want to ensure your data is highly secure and easily backed up, speak to one of our team today. We can advise on the best cloud computing solution for your business, while providing exceptional support services such as cyber security and data recovery. If you’re looking for one of the most trusted and reliable IT companies New Zealand has on offer, call CodeBlue today.

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