Project Description

What makes a service desk special? Staff retention


Your managed service provider’s help desk is vital to a great customer experience. The people fixing your tech issues need expertise, empathy and passion. It’s a rare mix. Typically, such roles have high turnover due to the constant pressure. As people add to their work experience, they change jobs for less pressured roles. And when they leave, their customer knowledge often walks out the door with them.

That’s why it’s important to not just get the right people in your business. It’s also vital to build a great culture and give a clear career path. You’ll find staff staying and practical client knowledge kept. This is key to a high performing service desk, able to deftly meet customers’ needs.

With CodeBlue’s service desk, this is especially true. Afterall it’s where many in our team started. We recognise our service desk as the start of a longer CodeBlue journey.

Understand customers first

Understanding the needs of our customers is critical to our Service Desk strategies. One of the ways we achieve this is by taking a pro-active approach and being a key part of customer on-boardings. By having Service Desk leadership involved from on-boarding through to customer “go-live” day, we provide insight and guidance to other members of the on-boarding team. We learn everything we can about the customer’s mission and purpose, ensuring documentation is accurate and our team has everything needed to provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Damien Howe – Service Desk Operations Manager

Hire for passion

People who are passionate about Information Technology and growing themselves within the industry is a top priority when recruiting for our Service Desk. By recruiting at a more senior level, providing a solid foundation for career growth, the tools needed, and support through mentorship and coaching, we promote a team focused environment of highly energised individuals. They know that through hard work and commitment, they will move up through our ranks in their chosen path.

The proof is in the pudding

Here are a couple of our stars whose journey started on our Service Desk:

Charles was a quick learner when it came to his roles and responsibilities on our Service Desk but what really stood out was his passion for outcomes. His commitment to understanding the needs of the customer and demonstrating high level of communication skills quickly gained the attention of others in the business. Charles successfully filled a Project Manager role before moving on to becoming an Account Manager.

Tafa on the Service Desk was considered a customer service superstar. Customers got to know Tafa by name and knew what they would get when he answered the phone. Tafa became a go to for assisting new people on the Service Desk and eventually moved on to becoming Team Leader. While in the Team Leader role Tafa further honed his people skills. He moved on to becoming a Service Delivery Manager where he excels in his strengths; outstanding communication skills and being able to effectively communicate technical information clearly and concisely to key people.

Charles Meaker – Account Manager

Tafa Fidow – Service Delivery Manager