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Who Benefits From A Strategic IT Roadmap?

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A Strategic Technology Roadmap is the document that dictates specifically how technology is going to support your business strategy and help drive the business’s goals and priorities.

What should a good strategic technology roadmap include?

  • A strategy statement.
  • A timeline of the initiatives and projects.
  • A prioritised list of improvement opportunities.
  • High-level justifications for each project.
  • The estimated cost and duration for each project.
  • An owner for each project.

The strategic technology roadmap has three primary functions: 

  1. The IT leader will use the roadmap to facilitate investment discussions with the rest of the company leadership.
  2. The IT department will use it to continuously improve planning for projects and resources.
  3. Leaders will use it to understand what is required from each department

Who benefits from a Strategic Technology Roadmap?

Technology Leadership – The Strategic Technology Roadmap is designed to structure the communication between the IT department and leadership executives in a manner that allows them to:  1. Act strategically when making investment decisions and managing project goals.  2. Earn buy-in from business users due to having a better-structured process. 3. Negotiate with leaders or other departments who request new projects, processes, and initiatives that may require significant, non-operating effort.

Functional Executives –  The Strategic Technology Roadmap allows functional executives to be strategic when they request new technology or improvements and updates. They can use these strategies to work with IT leadership to determine which types of technology projects will be required to achieve the business’s goals.  A strategic technology roadmap provides transparent resourcing needs for when business staff will need to be assigned to work on IT projects.

The most important benefit is that it provides a clear, strategic, and structured manner of governing changes to business needs as they arise. It makes sure that IT departments have a voice when decisions are made that require IT support. It also encourages balancing priorities across every area of the business, reducing conflict.

Project Teams- The Strategic Technology Roadmap clearly illustrates the importance of the projects that are being worked on. As roadmap goals are completed, moved, or reprioritised, it forces leadership to explain the reason behind the changes. A strategic technology roadmap encourages clear communication between all members of the team.

Why your business needs a Strategic Technology Roadmap?

The business needs to fully participate in the IT development process. Communication and a clear strategy will make sure all goals are met across all departments within the company, both business- and technology-oriented.


Strategic Technology Roadmaps are critical to the success of your business. If you would like to discuss the best ways to integrate a Strategic Technology Roadmap into your company then contact us today on 0508 IT SERVICE or email us here.