CodeBlue IT Strategic Planning Services

CodeBlue IT Strategic Planning Services

A game-changer for mid-sized companies.


For mid-sized businesses unable to justify a full-time CIO appointment, CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Service is a game-changer.

It is now possible for smaller organisations to benefit from the knowledge of CodeBlue's CIO-level IT executives and consultants. This deep level of IT experience offers smaller and mid-sized businesses access to expertise previously only available to larger organisations.

A Modular Approach to Planning Your IT Strategy

The value of an IT strategic plan for your organisation cannot be overstated. Such a plan provides a reference for how IT systems support your business goals and how to maximise your IT investment.

A strategic plan from CodeBlue is not a single document but a modular set of plans that encompass specific areas of IT in your organisation. You choose the ones that are appropriate for your business.

Our strategic planning services include an overarching review of IT within your organisation, a detailed plan of the IT infrastructure required to support your business, business process and intelligence strategies as well as IT security, procurement and goverance.

We discuss with you which services are appropriate to begin with and how some may become relevant as your IT strategy evolves. There is no "one size fits all" approach to IT strategic planning.

Case Study - Buckley Systems Limited

Hi-tech manufacturing company, Buckley Systems moved away from a reactive approach to their IT purchasing and support by using CodeBlue's strategic planning services to give shape and direction to their IT strategy. Julie Perry, CFO Buckley Systems Limited explains the benefits CodeBlue's strategic planning service brought to their business.

"We didnt appreciate at first the real value CodeBlue could bring to the table by deploying a virtual CIO to take a strategic view of the whole IT infrastructure and find ways to improve the business rather than just fix what's broken or needs replacement."

Discover how CodeBlue enabled the digital transformation at Buckley Systems.

CodeBlue have expertise to develop a practical and realistic IT strategic plan for your organisation and the proven IT management experience to make it happen.

Take your first step to defining your IT strategic plan and contact CodeBlue today.


CodeBlue IT Strategic Planning Services


CodeBlue's IT Strategic Planning Services empower customers to make strategic decisions to drive continuous business improvement.